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Rates, conclusion and terms of isurance agreement

What is needed for obtaining insurance policy?

To obtain insurance policy You need to fill motor insurance application and attach the following documents:

  • Copy of certificate of registration
  • TIN
  • Bank details
  • Vehicle registration document, or a customs declaration (for imports) or a contract of sale if the specified person in the certificate of registration is not the owner of the vehicle
  • Passports and driving licenses of authorized drivers
  • The power of attorney and the passport of the authorized person if he will sign the contract on behalf of the insured.

To obtain insurance policy  please, if possible, give the Company experts the opportunity to execute examination of the vehicle.

What is needed for renewal (prolongation) of insurance policy?

If you are a client of  INGO ARMENIA, for the renewal (prolongation) of the insurance contract must be submitted only those documents that have changed.

Motor insurance terms and conditions

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Motor insurance rates

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Motor insurance application form

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Cases and the conditions of premature termination and settlement of the contract of insurance vehicles (in Armenian)

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Motor voluntary insurance terms and conditions (acts since 28.11.2013)

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