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Business activity is always accompanied by various risks, as a result of which all the property that was being purchased throughout several years may be lost instantly.

Property insurance policy of “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC will help You to compensate damages from fire, explosion, natural disasters and other perils.

What can be insured?

  • Immovable objects in whole (buildings, constructions), as well as their separate architectural and constructive parts and elements (parts of buildings, residential and non-residential premises), including possibility to insure the interior finishing of premises;
  • Movable property (equipment, engine or other machinery, office equipment, furniture, special technique, inventory, finished product, materials and etc.);
  • Movable machinery.

Against what Your property can be insured?

  • Fire, thunderbolt, explosion of domestic gas,
  • Damages of heating, water pipe, sewerage, fire protection systems,
  • Intrusion of water or other liquid,
  • Natural disasters: earthquake, flood, storm, whirlwind, landslide,
  • Unlawful actions of third parties,
  • Theft, robbery, burglary,
  • Fall of flying objects or their parts,
  • Collision with transportation means or that do not belong to You,
  • Breakage of windows, glass and showcases. 

Besides the above mentioned risks, “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC offers insurance coverage against “other risks of external influence”. If You insure Your property against all the above mentioned risks (including “other risks of external influence”),  Your property will be insured against any material damage, caused as a result of unforeseen influence of any external factor, excluding exceptions provided in insurance Rules and insurance agreement (policy). Such coverage is often called All risks insurance Policy.

Sum insured and insurance compensation:

Purchasing insurance protection at “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC, You may insure Your property:

  • By new restoration value, or
  • By real (market) value.

 Additional expenses:

In case of insurance accident occurrence “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC also compensates expenses for saving the insured property or preventing the increase of damage extent.

Upon the clients’ wish insurance coverage may also include compensation of the following additional expenses, which occur upon insurance accident occurrence:

  • Expenses for insurance accident site cleaning works;
  • Expenses for transportation and protection of undamaged property;

How much does insurance policy cost?

You may receive fast calculation of insurance premium by filling in insurance application and sending it to the following e-mail address: property@ingoarmenia.am.

In addition to "Property insurance against fire and other hazards", the following is available:

Property insurance application form

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