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Very often many companies face the problem of securing interests and health of their employees during business and official trips. “INGO ARMENIA” gives You the opportunity to insure Your employees for the period they are abroad. You just need to choose the period of time You want to insure Your employees, and we will provide reliable insurance coverage against various unforeseen circumstances in any point of the World.

Who can be insured?

  • Employees, their family members (children, spouse, parents)

Against what one can be insured?
Depending on the chosen program, insurance Policy may provide:insurance of medical expenses

  • insurance of medical-transportation
  • insurance of posthumous repatriation expenses
  • insurance of medical help organization expenses
  • insurance of expenses, as a result of amateur sports activity
  • insurance of luggage during travel abroad
  • third party civil liability insurance
  • insurance of legal help organization costs

Limit of indemnity

For Schengen zone countries the limit of indemnity is defined in accordance with obligatory norms and predefined European instructions.

  • EUR 30 000 – standard limit of indemnity for the Schengen zone countries, excluding France
  • EUR 50 000 – extended limit of indemnity for the Schengen zone countries including France

For the rest of the World depending on the wish of the Client the following limits may be offered:

  • EUR 30 000
  • EUR 50 000
  • USD 50 000
  • USD 15 000

Advantages of “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC  

  • Existence of flexible discount system, designed by taking into account legal entities’ activity specification,
  • Our Policy is accepted by the consular services of all countries and it contributes to solution of visa problems.
  • Calling to the 24 hour dispatching “Express Assist Service Centre” by the telephone number +7 (495) 775 20 90, You will receive detailed, high-qualified consultation in any stress situation. Our partners will help you to urgently organize rendering of first help and further treatment.
  • The insurance Policy is easy to redesign for another term or annul in case of cancellation of the trip.
Traveler's assistance insurance application form

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