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Since 2006 “INGO ARMENIA” started to perform a new Bankers Blanket Bond insurance program in Armenia - (BBB).     

During the insurance program development, the specialists of the company tended to maximally adapt it for the national market and current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

“BBB” program is designed for the following financial institutions:

  • Banks,
  • non-banking credit organizations,
  • professional participants of equity market .

What can be insured?

Valuable interests of the Insured in connection with maintenance, disposal and utilization of the property indicated in insurance agreement, as well as interests in connection with unforeseen expenses (losses), which occurred during indicated in insurance agreement banking or other financial performance execution of the Insured.

Against what You can be insured?

Insurance coverage includes following risks:

  • damage of premises and/or loss or damage of property belonging to the Insured inside such premises;
  • fake (forgery) of documents;
  • operations with fake, lost and theft securities;
  • operations with fake banknotes (coins);
  • disloyalty of the staff;
  • destruction (loss) or damage to valuable property of the Insured  while transportation;
  • destruction (loss) and damage of financial documents during their transportation by courier (collector) company.;
  • destruction, damage or theft (through brigandage, theft or robbery) of valuable property that belongs to the Insured and which is kept in special designed premises of the Insured;
  • destruction (loss) or damage to valuable property belonging to the Insured and which is kept under liable storage of other legal entities;
  • theft of valuable property which belongs to the clients of the Insured and which are kept in especially designed premises of the Insured (protected from unauthorized access) through brigandage, robbery or burglary.

How much does insurance Policy cost?

You may receive fast calculation of insurance premium, by filling in insurance application form and sending it to the following mail address: BBB@ingoarmenia.am.

Updated:   2015-01-26 12:01