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“INGO ARMENIA” Insurance CJSC offers heads of enterprises to insure themselves and their staff against personal accident and diseases. Group insurance agreement will let You have a liable partner and ally in person of “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC, who will compensate the damage to persons as a result of accident. Besides, the care for the employees and their family members will enforce the reputation of Your company both for Your employees and Your competitors and partners.

Who can be insured?

  • Company employees,
  • Company top management.

Against what You can be insured?

  • Death as a result of,
  • Permanent or partial disability as a result of accident,
  • Temporary disability as well as bodily injuries as a result of accident,
  • Hospitalization, as well as surgical operations as a result of accident,
  • Other risks upon the client’s wish.

The Insured may choose the set of insured risks himself..

Personal accident insurance may be valid

  • 24 hours a day
  • Only during execution of professional duties by the Insured person,
  • At any other time upon agreement of the parties.

Insurance terms are coordinated and agreed with the client.

Sum insured (Maximum limit of insurance compensation)

Sum insured is determined by the Insured by coordination with “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC specialists, but it may not exceed the 5 years wage of the Insured person.

Insurance rate

Flexible discount system is applied for group insurance. When calculating optimal insurance rate, our specialists take into consideration a number of various factors: insurance risk “package”, quantity of insured persons, average age, extent of insurance coverage (24h or at working time), term of insurance and etc. During prolongation of insurance agreement, “INGO ARMENIA” grants additional discounts.

Amount of insurance compensationa

In case of death of the Insured person as a result of accident – 100% of the sum insured is paid at a time.

In case of permanent, temporary disability as a result of accident or natural reasons – as a rule:

a) in case of determination of first group of disability - 100% of the sum insured;
b) in case of determination of second group of disability – 75% of the sum insured;
c) in case of determination of third group of disability – 50% of the sum insured.

In case of partial disability as a result of accident – a defined per cent of the sum insured is paid, in accordance with special compensation table.

Fees for personal accident insurance are deemed to expenses, which deduct the taxable income of the company up to AMD 120 000 a year per employee.

What is necessary for purchasing insurance policy?

In order to purchase insurance policy, You need to fill in personal accident insurance application, present list of persons subject to insurance together with their passport data and send it to “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC.

Advantages of “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC

  • Individual approach to each client,
  • Totality of basic and additional risks,
  • Flexible discount system,
  • Fast and quality service,
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