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Aviation is one of the most dangerous activities of the modern world. This sphere of activity includes a range of risks and unforeseen expenses. Aviation risks insurance gives the opportunity to secure Yourself against multimillion losses in case of insurance accident occurrence or to soften consequences of such events.

Having obtained appropriate license “INGO ARMENIA” provides services of air-carrier liability insurance.

What can be insured?

  • liability for harming damage to life, health or property of third persons;

What risks can be insured?

  • losses as a result of damage to life, health or property of third parties, if the damage was caused directly by the insured airplane.

Limit of indemnity

Is defined upon consent of the parties, taking into account number of specific factors.

Insurance rate

Is defined based on sum insured, taking into account insurance conditions, period of insurance, type of flights, level of flight crew qualification and other factors.

How much does aviation insurance Policy cost?

You may receive fast calculation of insurance premium by filling in insurance application and sending it to the following mail address: aviation@ingoarmenia.am.

Updated:   2015-02-02 02:02