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Travel Insurance

In case of Travel Insurance event You should:

  • Inform appropriate authorities of the place where took place the insurance event (hotel administration, representatives of carrier companies, local law authorities) and inform of Insurance availability,
  • Call service centre without delay on the stated phone number on the first page of  the Insurance Policy  (+7 495 258 85 59) and inform of insurance event or contact “INGO ARMENIA” ICJSC,
  • Service centre employees will immediately react and organize necessary medical help,
  • The all compensated cases included in policy are provided by the service center (assistance) and compensated by "INGO ARMENIA" insurance company.

Documents that need to present compensation demand are following:

If immediately after the insurance event there was no possibility to call service centre, in order to present insurance event statement it is essential to introduce during 30 days after coming back the following documents :

  • Statement on insurance event, including detailed information about:
    • Nature and circumstances of the event,
    • Name of the company which provided tourism services,
    • Dates of travel,
    • Origins of the event,
    • Causes because of which there was no possibility to phone service centre without delay,
  • Insurance Policy,
  • Original of invoice introduced by the medical institution (printed on appropriate form or on a paper with a stamp), including the surname of the insured person, medical diagnosis, date of appeal for medical help, duration of treatment, list of provided services well-ordered according to its’ cost and duration, total cost of provided medical services,
  • Originals of recipes written out by a doctor, concerning current disease, including stamps of pharmacies and cost of each medical preparation,
  • Original of order written out by a doctor for passing laboratory examination, including prices of provided services with marked prices and dates for each service provided,
  • Documents, confirming expenses incurred, concerning treatment, purchase of medicine and providing other medical services.
Updated:   2015-10-20 01:10