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In curent economic situation the profession of insurance agent is one of the most demanded and prospective professions. It gives the opportunity to control Your own working schedule and income, develop Your own strategic programs which will maximally correspond to Your wishes and demands. In case of correct and competent organization of work, the job of an Agent turns into a business, where the agent engages other agents and organizes a group, which may make the wishes and plans that earlier seemed impossible come true. In this case new opportunities to accomplish all ideas are opened for You, because You are supported by a powerful partner – Insurance Company.

Almost in all developed countries in the world at least one type of obligatory insurance exists. In 2010 Armenia is also going to enter the list of such countries by accepting the law “About motor civil liability obligatory insurance”, which will create ideal economic conditions for insurance agents, giving the opportunity to register significant results in shortest terms, especially if the agent represents an influential insurance Company.

Having the largest agency network in Armenia and being the most experienced in this sphere, “INGO ARMENIA” welcomes individuals and companies, which wish to cooperate.

Cooperating with “INGO ARMENIA” Your will receive:

Training and specialization.
“INGO ARMENIA” periodically organizes free trainings for its agents during which the agents of the Company study the theory of insurance, history of insurance, get acquainted with the offers of the Company and get necessary information, which will contribute to fixation of great figures in every-day work.

Stability and mutual trust.
During more than 12 years of activity “INGO ARMENIA” has indicated only positive figures and has become the leading Company in the Armenian insurance market, which will by no means tell on the agents of the Company, in respect to sense of confidence in every-day work. The reputation of the Company will give You the opportunity to make deals easier, and the policy of insurance compensation payments of the Company will help You always to be with honor in complicated situations.

Progress and development. Since the very first day of cooperation “INGO ARMENIA” supports development of agents, by organizing special trainings in the preliminary stage, and in the stage of sales execution – by showing necessary attitude and assistance. The Agency system of “INGO ARMENIA” will give You the opportunity to become a General agent in a short period and to manage one of the strategic trends of the Company.

Updated:   2018-02-08 05:02