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Voluntary Medical Insurance

Voluntary Medical Insurance

  • Increases motivation and productivity of the personnel
  • Creates transparent and stable fund of medical expenses settlement
  • Economies administration of medical expenses

Five reasons why I need health insurance:

  • occurence of various diseases and accidents  is poorly predictable with no regard to age or common sense
  • lack of guarantees of  in-time access to high quality medical services particularly in emergencies
  • inability to control the quality and volume of required medical services
  • the accelerating rise of costs of medical services which does not correlate with the dynamic of our incomes and predicts at all
  • pursuit of  maximal confidence in future  and protection of self independence and quality of life

Five reasons why I should get my health insurance policy exactly  at "INGO ARMENIA"

  • it's a pioneering company  in national market of voluntary medical insurance
  • there is an opportunity to choose from wide range of precisely designed programmes of voluntary medical insurance in accordance with client  needs and medical market requirements (List of Client-partners in Armenian)
  • well developed network of partner medical institutions and  leading consultants specialists
  • existence of own ambulatory assisstance center and 24/7 dispatcher desk
  • minimal amount of documentation required for claim processing

You are agree with the above mentioned, entrust to us all the risks concerned with Your most valuable «property» – Your health. "INGO ARMENIA"  is confident in proving the correctness of Your choice!

Updated:   2017-10-19 11:10