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Voluntary Medical Insurance

Voluntary Medical Insurance

  • Increases motivation and productivity of the personnel
  • Creates transparent and stable fund of medical expenses settlement
  • Economies administration of medical expenses

Five reasons why I need health insurance:

  • occurence of various diseases and accidents  is poorly predictable with no regard to age or common sense
  • lack of guarantees of  in-time access to high quality medical services particularly in emergencies
  • inability to control the quality and volume of required medical services
  • the accelerating rise of costs of medical services which does not correlate with the dynamic of our incomes and predicts at all
  • pursuit of  maximal confidence in future  and protection of self independence and quality of life

Five reasons why I should get my health insurance policy exactly  at "INGO ARMENIA"

  • it's a pioneering company  in national market of voluntary medical insurance
  • there is an opportunity to choose from wide range of precisely designed programmes of voluntary medical insurance in accordance with client  needs and medical market requirements (List of Client-partners in Armenian)
  • well developed network of partner medical institutions and  leading consultants specialists
  • existence of ambulatory assisstance center and 24/7 dispatcher desk
  • minimal amount of documentation required for claim processing

You are agree with the above mentioned, entrust to us all the risks concerned with Your most valuable «property» – Your health. "INGO ARMENIA"  is confident in proving the correctness of Your choice!

Rates, conclusion and terms of isurance agreement

What is necessary for conclusion of insurance agreement?

In order to conclude insurance agreement You need to fill in voluntary medical insurance application form, attach the passport copy of the assured and send it to “INGO ARMENIA”.

What is necessary for renewal (prolongation) of insurance agreement?

For renewal (prolongation) of insurance agreement You need to present the passport copy of the assured, previous insurance policy to “INGO ARMENIA” and inform of any changes of data contained in the previous insurance application form.

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