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"INGO ARMENIA" ICJSC occupies a very serious position in the Armenian market, and 20-year activity is a significant period for the Armenian market. In a range of business and digital technologies, the company has marked such success which still does not exist in Ingosstrakh. We are proud that our subsidiary celebrates its 20th anniversary and hope the Company will continue to develop and achieve new successes", - mentioned Mikhail Volkow.

 He was happy to note that this year “Ingosstrakh” celebrates its 70th anniversary.

 "Despite the difficult financial situation in Russia, “Ingosstrakh” retains its leader position in the insurance market. We are among the top three insurance companies in Russia and are considered a financially stable company, which is the most important factor for the insurance business", - he said.

"The whole secret lies in people. “Ingosstrakh” was one of two existing insurance companies in the USSR. Our company has always dealt with more complex types of insurance - insuring all the property of the USSR, including abroad ones. We have employees who work for us for 20, 30 or even 40 years, and also many young employees who have a new perception of our future client", - said Mikhail Volkow.

 Tatyana Kaygorodova, Deputy Director of “Ingosstrakh”, noted that “INGO ARMENIA” holds a special place among INGO Group companies.

 "INGO ARMENIA” has gone a long way in recent years - from a small business to a strategic company. The company managed to combine financial stability and corporate governance, features of large companies, and, at the same time, applied a client-oriented approach, which is a striking example for the others", - said Tatyana Kaygorodova.

Executive Director, Chairman of the Board of "INGO ARMENIA" ICJSC Arevshat Meliksetyan presented the company's achievements and plans for the future.

He informed that this year "INGO ARMENIA" launched the first online insurance platform in Armenia, where it is possible to buy CMTPL and travel insurance policies.

In addition, since October 1, the company will provide compulsory health insurance for civil servants, and voluntary health insurance for individuals since October 21.